The Conference will take place at  Šiauliai University library

Address: Vytauto str. 84, Šiauliai, Room 205
Phone: 370-41-595-710, 370-41-595-718
Fax: 370-41-595-710

Šiauliai University – classical type higher education institution located in the Northern region of Lithuania. Founded in 1997 by uniting Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute and Šiauliai Polytechnic Faculty of Kaunas University of Technology.
The university has a community of about 4000 students. There are 3 faculties: Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Art, Faculty of Education Sciences and Social Welfare, Faculty of Technology, Physical and Biomedical Sciences.

Studies are organised into 3 cycles: Bachelor, Master and Doctoral.

Šiauliai is the fourth largest city in Lithuania.

It is the centre of Šiauliai County. Unofficially, the city is called the capital of Northern Lithuania. Area: 81.13 sq. km.
Distances to: Vilnius – 214 km, Kaunas – 142 km, Klaipėda – 165 km, Riga – 128 km. Population: in Šiauliai County – 370.000 inhabitants; in Šiauliai City – about 100.000.
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Lithuania is situated in Northern Europe and is the largest and most populous of the Baltic States. It has 99 km of sandy coastline, 38 km of which, face the open Baltic Sea. Lithuania has borderlines with Latvia, Belarus, Poland, as well as with Kaliningrad region of Russian Federation. Area. Territory of Lithuania is 65.200 sq. km.

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